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Sep News from Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15

By Todd Gelineau

  SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 --

Mountain Laurel met on Aug. 26 in Bethlehem with a decent number of members present. There was quite a bit of business to get through.

The December 2 meeting of the Pomona will be held at Winchester Grange with a catered lunch served at 12:30 P.M. We ask that anyone planning on attending contact Todd at Secretary@CTStateGrange.org or by phone, 860-307-1522. This will help us give an accurate number to the caterer. This is also the meeting when we ask members to bring mittens, gloves and new underwear for donation to area schools. Please do not donate hats. Schools have asked not to receive hats as they cannot be accepted.

The Pomona Handbooks are in the process of being compiled for this year. If you are a Subordinate Secretary in Mountain Laurel Pomona PLEASE send your information in to me as soon as possible (but no later than Sept. 15) to allow time for the book to be set up and printed. It is our hope to get these into each Grange in the Pomona by the first of October. As it was done last year, the books will be paid for entirely by the Pomona. This is an important part of keeping our Granges within the Pomona united and working together- what Pomona Granges should do.



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