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Strawberry Fest a sweet success

By Ronald Derosa, Register Citizen (6/22/09)

  JUNE 22, 2009 --

It is the largest serving of strawberry shortcake in the area, according to one official.

The annual Winchester Grange Strawberry Festival was held Sunday, and judging by the line that matriculated out of the door, it could be considered a rousing success.

Several Winchester and other area residents came to the table to enjoy the sweet dessert, with all of the proceeds going to the Grange.

For nearly 50 years the Grange has been holding this event, always on Father's Day, said Todd Gelineau, president.

Every year they plan for at least 500 people and every year they sell out, he said.

"It's the largest serving of strawberry shortcake in the area," Gelineau said.

Nearly 500 biscuits are made for the event, along with several pots of strawberries and cans of whipped cream.

Among the several people who filed in and out of the Sunday event was Maggi Muirhead, the newly crowned Laurel Queen from New Hartford.

While this was her first time attending, Muirhead said it was a lot of fun.

"The food was delicious, and everyone's so nice," she said.


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